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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 14- Preparation
    “WHAT?!” Tamina stared at Twilis with a combination of shock, dismay, and anger. The two of them were outside of Twilis’ room, standing on the patio. The two Toa had a lovely view of Zorrin Nui, but Tamina wasn’t interested in that at the moment. “Are you not coming because of-”
    “No, Tamina,” Twilis groaned. “It’s not because of that demon. At least, not the full reason. Someone needs to keep watch over this city while the other Toa are gone.”
    Tamina continued to glare at her leader, unsure of how to respond. On one hand, he was right. What if something attacked Zorrin Nui? It would be a disaster if the Agoran died in their absence. On the other hand, she could tell Twilis was only using it as an excuse to stay away from Lucarian. But…if she tried arguing against him, it would look like she cared more about a loner Toa than hundreds of innocent
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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 13- Search
    Shadow sniffed the air as he walked over to the very place where his master was attacked. He turned around as the Toa ran after him.
    “Has he found anything?” Poldren asked as he came up to the Rahi.
    Twilis frowned as his eyes scanned the area, looking for a clue regarding the culprits. The signs of the attack were subtle, with a few pebbles strewn across the ground, showing that there was some sort of struggle. He could also faintly smell the feces of the shadow mantis, as much as it disgusted him. “This might be the place,” he nodded.
    Tamina didn’t say anything as she watched the other Toa observe the situation. They were all there…except for Kratos. He took his loss pretty hard, and was too depressed to head out with the Toa. She hoped that perhaps time alone to recuperate would get him back into the right state of mind, but part of her still worried tha
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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 12- Prisoner
    All Dongru could feel was pain. His entire body ached from head to foot. It was not a pleasurable way to wake up. “My…head…” Dongru groaned, slowly opening his eyes. What he did not expect was to be greeted by a golden face. “Gyaaah!” Dongru cried, reeling backwards in shock.
    “Finally,” Knockout muttered. He got up from his knees and turned away towards Emperor, who was looking out the window from the other side of the room. “Hey boss! He’s finally awake!”
    Saber raised his brow at his fellow guard. “You know, the way you call him ‘boss’ is a lot less formal than I think he would prefer.”
    “He’s said nothing about that yet.”
    “Wait, who?” Dongru nervously asked. As soon as the words left his mouth, Emperor turned towards the Agoran, his expression as co
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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 11- Arena
    Teluca looked around the New Colosseum stadium as it slowly filled up, with multiple Agoran taking their seats. Teluca himself could not get the thought of the upcoming fight out of his head and had arrived at the Colosseum three hours before anyone else. At the very least, he could find the best seat. It was boring to wait for so long, but he didn’t have anything better to do. That, and the fact that I put his actions into writing, so he had to. Besides, he only had about half an hour left before the action started.
    As the time grew closer and closer and more and more Agoran entered the stadium, the place was nearly packed. Almost every seat was taken. Teluca noticed that there were barely any Agoran in his row. In fact, some even shot him dirty looks before taking to the rows nearby. Teluca tried to get these thoughts out of his head, but that didn’t make them go away completely.
    Then he noticed a fam
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Daughters of the Hunt by Shade2800 Daughters of the Hunt :iconshade2800:Shade2800 12 3 Mammoth by Shade2800 Mammoth :iconshade2800:Shade2800 18 9 Asriel- My True Form by Shade2800 Asriel- My True Form :iconshade2800:Shade2800 6 3
Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 10- Kidnapped
    Shina looked outside her window as the sun rose over Allon Nui, signifying a new day. Even still, most Agoran wouldn’t be up for another two hours.
    Which made it the perfect time.
    Shina walked over to a circular blue rug with a white diamond in the middle. She pushed the rug out of the way with her left foot, revealing a silver metallic door. She bent down to grab the handle and pulled the door open, revealing a ladder leading down into a tunnel. Within a few minutes, she had walked through the tunnel and reached another ladder leading up to another door.
    After scaling the ladder, she opened the door, revealing a small, fenced area, with metallic posts and walls surrounding the place. It was on the outskirts of the city, where no one would notice. In the middle were several crates, each one with a large painted target on the side. Some of these were on the floor, while others were stac
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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 9- Heist
    Clibo hummed happily to himself as he walked around the perimeter, his eyes moving in every direction imaginable. He was a Po-Agoran, wearing grey armor on his body, feet, and hands, and yellow armor on his arms and legs. He wore a yellow Kanohi Kiril on his face, with pleasant green eyes shining from behind it. He carried a small, silver axe in his right hand, which currently rested on his shoulder.
    After a few minutes of walking, he came across one of his fellow guards, a Ko-Agoran named Triro. She wore grey and white armor, a white Kanohi Kaukau, and carried a weapon similar to Clibo. The Po-Agoran gave a small wave. “See anything yet?”
    Triro sighed in annoyance. “No.”
    “S-Sorry,” Clibo stammered, lowering his weapon. “We just need to be careful. Especially with these rumors of Skrall going on.”
    “Listen,” T
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Uuuuuuh.... by Shade2800 Uuuuuuh.... :iconshade2800:Shade2800 1 7 Going Retro (64 Edition) by Shade2800 Going Retro (64 Edition) :iconshade2800:Shade2800 8 4 Ma by Shade2800 Ma :iconshade2800:Shade2800 15 5 Mayhem by Shade2800 Mayhem :iconshade2800:Shade2800 27 5


Commission: Chill Sandslash by ultimatemaverickx Commission: Chill Sandslash :iconultimatemaverickx:ultimatemaverickx 191 15 Vulture Spider-Man Homecoming by Sinned1990PD Vulture Spider-Man Homecoming :iconsinned1990pd:Sinned1990PD 6 3 Arcadia by IonicNuva Arcadia :iconionicnuva:IonicNuva 31 1 Tarak - Lost in thought by Monarth Tarak - Lost in thought :iconmonarth:Monarth 59 8 Torias the Emperor by iEvgeni Torias the Emperor :iconievgeni:iEvgeni 4 0 The Warden by Belicure The Warden :iconbelicure:Belicure 44 4 Futaba - P5 by Hey-Xander Futaba - P5 :iconhey-xander:Hey-Xander 221 8 Nintendo Mii - Segata Sanshiro by SuperCaptainN Nintendo Mii - Segata Sanshiro :iconsupercaptainn:SuperCaptainN 4 2 DOOM: Cyberdemon by Cezium97 DOOM: Cyberdemon :iconcezium97:Cezium97 104 8 Dry Kararehe by ModaltMasks Dry Kararehe :iconmodaltmasks:ModaltMasks 79 6 Po-Metru Patrol - Zadakh by Djokson Po-Metru Patrol - Zadakh :icondjokson:Djokson 214 24 Kayru by SEDVR Kayru :iconsedvr:SEDVR 93 10 Gandalf by Nele-Diel Gandalf :iconnele-diel:Nele-Diel 745 110 Cyber Kunoichi Azalea by Djokson Cyber Kunoichi Azalea :icondjokson:Djokson 124 9 Utari (Ice Demon Form) 2017 by MoonstalkerWerewolf Utari (Ice Demon Form) 2017 :iconmoonstalkerwerewolf:MoonstalkerWerewolf 48 9



While it's nice that we have new trailers for "Thor: Ragnarok" and "Justice League"....We're still waiting for that "Avengers: Infinity War" trailer to be released to the public.

Happy ten year anniversary to one of my favorite BioTubers, Jaller!
When my roommate and I went to see "Spider-Man: Homecoming" this weekend, we heard a remix of the old 60's theme song.

And it was GLORIOUS.

I actually remember my mother reading my sister and I the original book when we were younger.
I'm curious to see how this turns out.
100 Watchers!
So early today I reached 100 watchers! 
(Technically a few of those are from deactivated accounts, but let's not worry about that now.)
I just wanted to say...thanks.
I know I don't upload quite that much nowadays, but I do appreciate you guys sticking around for the bios, stories, drawings, and other random stuff I put onto this website. It's nice to know that there are those who truly enjoy what you do.
Here's to another 100 watchers! Catch you all later!


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