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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 17- Reunion
    “Lucarian?” Tamina asked. She was trying to keep her resolve, but she was nervous at the sight of these new adversaries. “Who are they?”
    “The Makuta I have been searching for all these years,” Lucarian growled. He took a small step towards the Makuta, but stumbled, falling to his knees.
    “So you tried shadow teleporting multiple beings at once, I see,” Zelcron smirked. “I remember the first time you tried doing that. With Meka and a few other Matoran, if I am correct. Where is he now? Dead? I hope so.”
    “Unfortunately for you, Zelcron” Lucarian snarled, “he isn’t.” He slowly rose back up on his feet, his eyes both cold and furious at the same time.
    “Well, while I am here, I can claim the Great Discs and you. You still owe me for destroying my base,” Zelcron snarled.
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O Christmas Tree by Shade2800 O Christmas Tree :iconshade2800:Shade2800 10 14 Love at First Squid 2 by Shade2800 Love at First Squid 2 :iconshade2800:Shade2800 12 4 A Shady New Friend by Shade2800 A Shady New Friend :iconshade2800:Shade2800 20 9 End of the World by Shade2800 End of the World :iconshade2800:Shade2800 2 7 Comrades in Arms by Shade2800 Comrades in Arms :iconshade2800:Shade2800 18 2 Gaibres, Shellas Air Commander by Shade2800 Gaibres, Shellas Air Commander :iconshade2800:Shade2800 22 6
Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 16- Escape
    “Is everything packed up?” Poldren asked. The Toa and Agoran had spent the last several minutes clearing up camp, gearing up for the day’s journey.
    “I think so,” Tamina replied, looking inside her knapsack to make sure she had all her belongings.
    “I don’t see anything that was left behind,” Shina noted, her eyes scanning what was left of the campsite.
    “We should get going,” Lucarian replied, arms folded in front of him. “We’re losing daylight.”
    “Soo…” Teluca sighed, “have you made a decision?”
     Without hesitation, Lucarian nodded. “It’s our best shot. But remember, after teleportation, I won’t be able to help you for a good while.”
    “Are you sure you want to do this?” Kratos
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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 15- Dreams
    Twilis stood in silence as he watched the sun slowly come down past the landscape; the rays of lights becoming fewer and fewer as sunshine washed away. The night was coming, and as the only Toa left in Zorrin Nui, Twilis had to make sure that the city’s inhabitants were safe. He was currently on the roof of the New Coliseum, allowing him to see every corner of Zorrin Nui.
    “You can let the guards know if you need to rest.” Twilis turned his head to see Kantis approaching him with a pleasant smile across his face. “I appreciate you keeping up your duties, but you are the only Toa here right now. Don’t strain yourself too much.”
    “I do appreciate it, Turaga,” Twilis nodded, “but I do not need the Agoran to take my place as the watchman.”
    “But Twilis,” Kantis sighed, “you’ve been up all day. Tiring yourself out wi
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100 Watchers! by Shade2800 100 Watchers! :iconshade2800:Shade2800 11 18 Thai Ice Cream by Shade2800 Thai Ice Cream :iconshade2800:Shade2800 3 2 Monarch (name still pending) by Shade2800 Monarch (name still pending) :iconshade2800:Shade2800 6 4
Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 14- Preparation
    “WHAT?!” Tamina stared at Twilis with a combination of shock, dismay, and anger. The two of them were outside of Twilis’ room, standing on the patio. The two Toa had a lovely view of Zorrin Nui, but Tamina wasn’t interested in that at the moment. “Are you not coming because of-”
    “No, Tamina,” Twilis groaned. “It’s not because of that demon. At least, not the full reason. Someone needs to keep watch over this city while the other Toa are gone.”
    Tamina continued to glare at her leader, unsure of how to respond. On one hand, he was right. What if something attacked Zorrin Nui? It would be a disaster if the Agoran died in their absence. On the other hand, she could tell Twilis was only using it as an excuse to stay away from Lucarian. But…if she tried arguing against him, it would look like she cared more about a loner Toa than hundreds of innocent
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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 13- Search
    Shadow sniffed the air as he walked over to the very place where his master was attacked. He turned around as the Toa ran after him.
    “Has he found anything?” Poldren asked as he came up to the Rahi.
    Twilis frowned as his eyes scanned the area, looking for a clue regarding the culprits. The signs of the attack were subtle, with a few pebbles strewn across the ground, showing that there was some sort of struggle. He could also faintly smell the feces of the shadow mantis, as much as it disgusted him. “This might be the place,” he nodded.
    Tamina didn’t say anything as she watched the other Toa observe the situation. They were all there…except for Kratos. He took his loss pretty hard, and was too depressed to head out with the Toa. She hoped that perhaps time alone to recuperate would get him back into the right state of mind, but part of her still worried tha
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Bionicle: Legacy- Chapter 12- Prisoner
    All Dongru could feel was pain. His entire body ached from head to foot. It was not a pleasurable way to wake up. “My…head…” Dongru groaned, slowly opening his eyes. What he did not expect was to be greeted by a golden face. “Gyaaah!” Dongru cried, reeling backwards in shock.
    “Finally,” Knockout muttered. He got up from his knees and turned away towards Emperor, who was looking out the window from the other side of the room. “Hey boss! He’s finally awake!”
    Saber raised his brow at his fellow guard. “You know, the way you call him ‘boss’ is a lot less formal than I think he would prefer.”
    “He’s said nothing about that yet.”
    “Wait, who?” Dongru nervously asked. As soon as the words left his mouth, Emperor turned towards the Agoran, his expression as co
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Edna Mode...and the Best Guest by fanastyfinder Edna Mode...and the Best Guest :iconfanastyfinder:fanastyfinder 3 0 Lavender Team: Haunter by Dragolisco Lavender Team: Haunter :icondragolisco:Dragolisco 597 9 Furious Applejack by TheRealDJTHED Furious Applejack :icontherealdjthed:TheRealDJTHED 485 40 Dels by LegoMetal44 Dels :iconlegometal44:LegoMetal44 15 5 Nether caller by ThemeFinland Nether caller :iconthemefinland:ThemeFinland 2,219 50 Makuta Gali by Demitsorou Makuta Gali :icondemitsorou:Demitsorou 182 20 Ahkva's Kakama by MetallicChuckaboo Ahkva's Kakama :iconmetallicchuckaboo:MetallicChuckaboo 54 11 Sonic Mania Animation Redux - Green Hill Zone by DOA687 Sonic Mania Animation Redux - Green Hill Zone :icondoa687:DOA687 679 31 Fiery Majesty by AmazingArtistYellow Fiery Majesty :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 2,493 102 Aggretsuko by larienne Aggretsuko :iconlarienne:larienne 3,586 124 La princesa y el heroe ? by salvamakoto La princesa y el heroe ? :iconsalvamakoto:salvamakoto 1,166 66 MAP - Dreamer (ANIMATION) by GolzyDee MAP - Dreamer (ANIMATION) :icongolzydee:GolzyDee 1,461 51 AICPS Image 2 by Avitus12 AICPS Image 2 :iconavitus12:Avitus12 269 12 Daily Paint 2024# Leatherback Turtle by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2024# Leatherback Turtle :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,723 108 Kirby Reanimated Scene by Seyumei Kirby Reanimated Scene :iconseyumei:Seyumei 490 112 The Old Fisherman by Sparkytron The Old Fisherman :iconsparkytron:Sparkytron 57 5



Not the type of a video I usually make, but regardless, I hope you enjoy this countdown and trip down my own memories.

The second Lego Movie approaches! Who's ready?
Not only is this an interesting look into a new project from one of the people who worked a lot on Bionicle, Christian Faber, but there's even a giveaway at the end. Check it out if you wish!
Happy 20th Birthday to :iconfanastyfinder:! Check her out if you wish!


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